Dr. Tom Manley

Pregnancy Care

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As a pregnancy care specialist it is a real privilege to travel with you on this journey, which I hope is an uncomplicated one but you should feel reassured that my expert knowledge and training will keep you and your baby safe.

One of the most important parts of your pregnancy care is the relationship that we will build during your pregnancy.  Labour and delivery can be quite an intense time and it is important that you trust me completely to guide you through this experience.

My philosophy centers on supporting you through your pregnancy and childbirth in the most natural way possible.  Every pregnancy is different and I believe you should feel supported and listened to.  We have a lot to discuss before your baby arrives and I am very happy to accommodate any special wishes you may have.

I intentionally keep my obstetric practice small so that I can really get to know each of my patients and their family.  This also allows me to be on call for you 24hrs a day should you need me.